Global Ambassador

With his expertise, Herr Feldmann quickly established himself as a brand ambassador and stands on national and international stages as a representative of various world brands.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, he was in cooperation with and on behalf of “Barbicide | Barbicide Europe | Barbicide Germany | King Research international” for strict adherence to hygiene standards within the everyday salon life.

As the first german brand ambassador for the grooming product manufacturer “Captain Fawcett” who is settled in Great Britain, Herr Feldmann has brought the elite of men’s products to Germany and not least to Mönchengladbach. Using these brands of products has added to his craftmanship.  In the end there is a clearly defined goal: to underline the character of the seasoned man. Whatever the cost!

Herr Feldmann also followed the development and creation of “Red Deer”, which was spawned from the “Exonda” forge as a new German brand. It did not take long until he was the first German hairdresser to be their ambassador for Germany. Since then, Herr Feldmann has been supporting the young brand, originally from 1880, with his specialist knowledge and all his experience relating to clippers and other tools for the hairdressing and barbering industry.

The almost innumerable number of selected products continues in the areas of hair tonics, pomades and many more. A close cooperation is maintained with Europe’s largest sales company in the field of pomades around founder Stan Soldan; we are even said to be the unofficial branch and contact point of fans of the “Pomade Shop”.

In 2020, Herr Feldmann fulfilled his dream of creating and gaining his own straight razor. With many years of ambassador activity for the Böker Manufacture Solingen, the individual work of art with its own branding was created in limited numbers.

The limited special edition for the straight razor with his brand name “Herr Feldmann” was created not the least on basis of a story that began in 1869.

The traditional company emphasizes that “his salon on Wallstreet” is the only hairdresser and barber that they know of throughout Germany that actually uses the straight razor instead of a shavette (interchangeable razorblade)”


From Mönchengladbach out into the wide world

In 1977 Alexander Christian Feldmann was born in Mönchengladbach-Rheydt / Germany, spent the first years of his life in Hochneukirchen and then emigrated with his hairdressing family to Australia for 6 years. Returning to Germany alone after a short stopover in Great Britain, he found his way to the Heinsberg district.

He spent most of his younger years here until he moved with his family to Mönchengladbach to finish high school. The family hairdressing salon was part of his life and omnipresent from the start.

After school, Herr Feldmann was once again drawn to the big wide world as a regular soldier. 4 years as a Tank commander and Drill instructor. During this time, he moved all over Germany and was also stationed in Canada for 6 months. When his career came to an end, he seized the opportunity in Koblenz/Germany to begin an apprentiship as a hairdresser.

After successfully completing his apprentiship, he joined the family business for 10 years as a Co-owner of the family salon in Mönchenglabach-Rheydt. He regularly visited his mother in New York after her divorce and remarriage in the US, where he discovered his passion for barbering were his mother worked and managed a renowned barber shop there.

In 2011 he married his wife, girlfriend, colleague and later mother of his born son Sam, Melanie, whom he had already met as a neighbor after his return from Australia.

In 2016 he realized his idea of just hairdressing was more, that of barbering, with the focus on the previously misunderstood target group of “men’s customers”.

In addition to the barber’s trade and hairdressing art, he established the often-underestimated service of a wigs, which he had already successfully consolidated with his wife for 10 years in Mönchengladbach – Rheydt. As the only prequalified contact point (with Health insurances) in Mönchengladbach, various partnerships with all health insurance companies are available for his clients. With the establishment of 3 services, the time had come: Herr Feldmann was born.

Herr Feldmann’s calling and love of his work was found at last. Every day he puts love of his work in his business. Gives workshops for other colleagues in Germany. He gives his knowledge as an Ambassador on stage for Hairdressers and Barbers.