Solutions on wigs, hairpieces & toupees.

Wigs, hairpieces and toupees have always played an important role in history. Everyone wanted the full and pompous hairstyles; they were helped out by wearing wigs, hairpieces or toupees for decades. Fashion changed and the wig disappeared from everyday use.

Nowadays these are a recognized aid for everyone who has a little or no hair. Be it congenital or due to illnesses, for example chemotherapy.

There are many ways to remedy this – from a hairpiece to a toupee over to a complete second hairstyle (wig). As a prequalified partner of all health insurance companies, we would like to accompany you on your way to a new sense of self-worth.

Our provision of aids are made from real human hair, synthetic hair and a mix of both. Either machine or hand knotted or also a combination of both. Our goal is always to underline your type without anyone noticing.

We will of course cut your new hairstyle “wig” into shape for your individual appearance. In this way, we guarantee a natural and, above all, authentic version of you. Previously ordered free of charge in consultation with you.

For these sensitive consultations we have a private room that you can reach barrier-free. Trustfully contact any employee so that we can get to know each other for the first time – we will be happy to help and advise you!

The best wigs are those that look like natural hair and no one notices. Trust our knowledge and experience.